Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bellinis (Lithuanian Potato Pancakes)

Bellinis (potato pancakes)

buy a 5 pound bag of russet potatoes.

peel & rinse 8 potatoes (more or less depends on how many people you are feeding. 8 potatoes can make over 20 pancakes easy).

grate 8 potatoes with a hand grater into a bowl or chop them up into cubes & put into the blender then put into a bowl.

grate a half of white onion into potatoes.

add white flour.

i don't have any measuring rules for this recipe. i just add enough to make a batter. it is usually like pancake batter. not to thick & not too runny.

add salt & pepper for taste.

fill the bottom of a frying pan with vegetable oil. add a scoop of batter, make sure the bellinis are deep in the oil. i can usually fry about 3 bellinis at one time. fry until golden brown on each side & serve. it is best to serve them as fast as possible since they do tend to get soggy, but they are still tasty.

i serve with sour cream but you can serve them with apple sauce too.

if you make too much batter just keep it in tupperware. it keeps for a good amount of time. since they are potatoes the batter will turn black on top but that is just like if a banana or apple is left out. i usually scoop off the black top & chuck it then mix the bottom white layer & fry them up.

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